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Fairy Brush
Fairy Brush
Fairy Brush
Fairy Brush
Fairy Brush
Fairy Brush
Fairy Brush
Fairy Brush
Product Code: FairyBrush
Dimensions (L * W * H): 265mm x 100mm x 75mm
The weight: 300gr

Fairy Brush in translation Magic Comb is a modern era of caring for your hair.

Detailed description
2 950 р.
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Leading stylists around the world, domestic and foreign movie and show business stars, famous politicians and successful businessmen use it when caring for their hair.

Now everyone can afford it to look 100%!

The developer made sure that every woman could keep this comb in her purse, the size of the XIAOMOXUAN Fairy Brush allows it to be stored even in small handbags.

A comb stand is included and your comb will always have its place.

Also, a lot of emphasis was paid to the Fairy Brush design - the neutral color of pearls and a delicate clover flower should conquer every woman's heart.

Fairy Brush from XIAOMOXUAN is for those who want to have lush, obedient hair.

It helps to forget about dandruff and hair loss . It is used both for hair styling, as well as daily combing of your curls.

370 flexible nylon teeth give a tangible pleasant head massage - much more pleasant than from a regular comb.

The teeth are made of wear-resistant nylon - micro-burrs are not formed on them, as well as the comb does not tear out the hair.

Fairy Brush acts as a real masseur, stimulates blood flow in the vessels of the scalp, really awakens the sleeping follicles, thanks to this, the hair stops falling out and their growth improves.

The comb is very popular with children, because it does not tear out, but untangles the hair.

Comb made of environmentally friendly material - we do not recommend using it in baths, saunas, shower cabins.

The comb is afraid of hot temperature and water.

Color : Transparent pearl.

Box size : 26.5x7.5cm

Comb size - 18x5.

Price - 2.950 rubles

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